Jumpstart Your NTCUE Journey: Transitioning From Nominee to Applicant

You’ve got mail!

Congratulations, you have been nominated to enter the 2016 CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive contest. You read the email thoroughly, examining the rules and feeling gratitude for the acknowledgment from your colleague. Why is it important to take the next step?

Credit unions across the country are curious about new innovations, however cost and the fear of taking risks prevents many new ideas from moving to actions. Message boards throughout the industry are filled with questions from professionals looking to energize their staff or enhance their production. There is an audience waiting for new concepts and ideas to help their institutions overcome challenges and remain viable in the ever-changing financial services arena. The competition provides a platform to promote your ideas internationally. This is a perfect opportunity to inject change into the movement, let others see your enthusiasm, and display your capacity to lead.

Someone recognized your ability to get the job done. They took the time to enter your name into the contest with the optimism that you would pick up the torch and share that brilliant idea. Can you create a short video, one to two minutes, detailing your idea with some excitement? Sure you can! The person who nominated you knows you can and I believe it too!

Last year, over 200 names were submitted to the contest. But only a percentage of those nominated took the next step and submitted a video application. Someone with a bright, and potentially impactful program probably missed the opportunity to showcase their credit union and themselves. Please don’t fall victim to assuming that your idea is not ripe. This competition is the perfect avenue to pitch new and innovative ideas.

Moving to the next phase of the competition is determined in two ways. The first is by votes. Rally your colleagues, family and friends. Encourage them to view your video and vote to open the door for your selection in the Top 15. You were nominated because one, or a few people, believed in you. It may be safe to assume that others see the same quality and will support you in this effort. The second way is through our Top 15 judges. The 10 people with the most votes automatically qualify for our Top 15; our judging panel will add another five who weren’t able to get the votes, but still have a great project idea.

Visit the website and explore all of the amazing resources at your fingertips to assist with the entry process. The tips for making a video are very informative and demonstrate that you do not need a videographer to film your presentation. You may also find it helpful to view previous submissions. Check the archives going back to the very first CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec competition.

Do not miss this opportunity to expand your network and promote your credit union, members and community. Your name was submitted because you have displayed an ability to compete at this level. Who knows, you could be standing at the podium in Savannah this coming October. The application deadline of June 24 is just around the corner, do not procrastinate and miss the deadline. Be fun, use props and effectively communicate your idea.

Ready, set, apply!

Jimese Harkley
2015 CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec