It's Happening!

What's Happening? Progress!

This week I would like to give a quick update on the success of our fitness initiatives, and how are team is doing. We are currently in week 4 of our 17-week training schedule. Within this schedule we have certain weeks we physically challenge ourselves to push to do more than what we had done the week before. The beauty of our challenges is that they require all involved to work at their personal fitness levels to prepare for the weekends. Much like many of us would prepare for a week in advance of a major proposal or project presentation.

Why is the preparation so important? It requires everyone to be accountable for the training on his or her own personal time, often before and after work. This last week I found great joy in knowing progress was happening for my team. The challenge for our walking group was a 4-mile walk, keep in mind many just started walking 3 weeks prior. The challenge for the runners was 6 - 8 miles depending on their training for either the half or full marathon. The beauty of it all is that people who attempted the challenge met their goal.

The real progress however, was evident after our training run. As we sat together shortly after sipping on water to cool down, keeping in mind at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning the temperature was already 80°F, I found great joy in the cohesiveness of a team who found great satisfaction in their triumphant accomplishment. They discussed issues such as the struggles the challenge and training presented and how they overcame them. They also discussed their weight loss success and increased energy levels that the walking and running program was creating.

What's Happening? Progress! A stronger, healthier, more vibrant employee group that cares about each other and their own personal well-being.

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