Inspirational Leadership will bring the ‘entire’ team together!

Hollywood couldn’t have written a better script for the Kansas City Royals so far during Major League Baseball’s postseason. Think about it – an underdog team, four, extra-inning playoff games, a perfect 5-0 start, and a fan base that has waited 29 years for their team to return to the postseason. Can you imagine the excitement and ‘life’ in the Royals clubhouse – let alone the city of Kansas City? 

After a recent win, Royals players headed to the Power and Light District (nightlife area) in Kansas City to celebrate with the fans who have waited so long for a moment like this. A loyal, long-time fan with stage 4 cancer even sprayed a bottle of champagne over the team. They partied like it was 1985 (the last time they won the World Series) and even picked up the bill.

As you can see, the players felt it was important to not only celebrate amongst themselves, but to celebrate with the city – the entire team!

Communication and celebration at Team United!
United Federal Credit Union takes a similar approach to teamwork and celebrating company wins. Headquartered in the beautiful Lake Michigan town of Saint Joseph, Michigan, UFCU consists of five markets across the nation. I have the distinct pleasure to lead our Arkansas market and work with an amazing team. You may be asking “Noel, with so much distance between many of the markets and corporate headquarters, how would you describe the partnership?” Well, in one word –AWESOME!

The #NTCUE competition has allowed our corporate team members in Michigan and those of us in the Arkansas market to grow even closer together.

While visiting Michigan this past week for a quarterly meeting, I had the opportunity to talk with our marketing team. They have been strong advocates for me during this competition and I wanted to thank them personally. As we started to converse, I actually became overwhelmed by their passion and the support they have given me throughout this entire journey. I am proud to represent them and all of Team United at the #NTCUE event.

As I was shaking hands to say goodbye, I was comforted by a real sense of knowing that from Arkansas to Michigan and every market in between, we are all working to achieve a common goal. That goal is not necessarily the #NTCUE award or other individual accomplishments, but on our strategic plan. We are a cooperative of People helping People! Am I lucky to be here? YES! Is it luck we are working together so well? NO! We work on transparency and collaboration daily.

Be Inspired and celebrate as a team, an entire team!

“Teamwork divides the task but doubles the success!”

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Noel Sanger