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The Royals are in the 2014 World Series after 29 years! This is an amzing feat for any team let alone a team that plays small ball. Small ball you ask? Small ball is simply executing the basics of baseball hitting, stealing, defense, and playing as a team. There are no big showoffs, just a group of players working together to be successful.

During the past 8 games, you could almost script the Royals’ at bats. The first person gets a hit and then steals a base. The next batter sacrifice bunts and moves the player to third. The next batter hits a sacrfice fly and the runner on third scores. 1-0 Royals. They keep the strategy basic, but execute the plan well. Coaches ask the players to play as a team – not for individual awards. 

Who inspired a team to do this? It’s their coach, Ned Yost, who many people haven't heard of. He is an inspirational leader. 

Do we need to sacrifice ourselves to have a successful game plan? NO WAY! We just need to understand that each and every day we walk into our credit union we strive to bring the philosophy of 'People helping People!' to life.

As a young professional, I look for leaders in my profession to emulate. First, I look at my ‘boss’ and next to my CEO. But then I start to reflect on my own performance and inspirational skills. I stop and think, 'What do my employees think of me?' Do they know I have their best interests in mind or that I would do everything in my power to make sure they have a work-life balance? Do they know what I believe in?

I have learned you can’t just hope your employees are inspired by what you say and do, you have to ask them. Sometimes I become a broken record, repeating myself over and over again. Do I feel bad about this? Not at all. This means I am consistently coaching on the same topic. I don't mind if they know what I am going to say, because I want them to know what I believe in, what I stand for, and what our goals are.

This is a short and sweet blog but I wanted to relay one thing. Consistency is a great thing! Play small ball and win the big game!




“Teamwork divides the task but doubles the success!”

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Noel Sanger