Inspirational Leadership, Mentorship and Advocacy: the off-season!

What do you do when the competition is over? Do great individuals or teams sit around and wait until the beginning of next year? No way! They start planning for the next step. They look at their opportunities and strengths, and make changes to build themselves up for the next season of competition!

Well Deserved #NTCUE

First, I want to say congratulations to my friend from the North, Alex Castley! During the competition, and especially during the week when all members of the Final 5 were together, we realized we were not only peers, but also friends. His passion to engage members and employees will reinvigorate the future of the Credit Union Movement.

2014 #NTCUE #Final4
Alvaro, Brianne, Jennifer and I – aka the #Future4 ( – sat in the lobby of our resort waiting for our shuttle to come. As we were discussing our next steps, an idea popped up! Let’s all try to go to the CUES CEO Institute next year. 

We sat there brainstorming, laughing and writing ideas on a napkin. Before we knew it, our idea was born. 

The #Future4 goes to the CUES CEO Institute campaign. We started a gofundme page and are seeking generous donations to assist in our endeavor. It’s a large sum, but even if we don’t raise enough funds, we will donate any money raised to the Children’s Miracle Network. If we do meet our goal, any excess funds will also be donated to CMN! Click the link below for more details.

We could easily have sat around and let the end of Next Top Credit Union Executive contest be the end of our journey. Instead, we became inspired! We plan to work together to become the future leaders and decision makers in our Credit Union Movement. We were inspired during our competition, and hope to take that inspiration and pay it forward to other young professionals on a similar path.

Thank you for the support and encouragement during the #NTCUE contest.


“Teamwork divides the task but doubles the success!”

Inspirational Leadership, Advocacy and Mentorship

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Noel Sanger