I’m One Month Away From Wharton

I’m officially one month away from the prestigious CUES CEO Institute I in Philadelphia and I’m very excited! We received information from Teresa Brogan on Friday with important dates and it’s starting to feel real. Two Firefly colleagues, our CFO Leon Eichten and our COO Rick Blood, have been through the institute and have given me some great intel on what to expect. Their advice? Get ready for full days!

The Firefly adoption loan keeps moving forward. We were featured in the Star Tribune on February 6th (the day after the Super Bowl here in Minneapolis). The one and only Tim McAlpine was quoted, the adoption loan was highlighted and almost 3 million people saw the story! I was sure to send the story to Michael Berger who jokingly commented on how much my ego has grown since we met in Las Vegas. J  Note to Mr. Berger—a signed copy is in the mail. We are also working with two local news stations that will feature families who have utilized the loan, and another local news station ran a feature on our family and the loan here.

Last but certainly not least…
Dear everyone over 35: start thinking about who you can nominate for next years competition! My mentor Marty Kelly nominated me months ago and coached me along the way before flying out to Vegas to be there with me in the room when I won. An amazing experience. I’m excited to nominator this year and pay it forward.

Dear everyone under 35: start dreaming up some world changing ideas that will advance the credit union industry! This competition may look great from the outside, but I promise you it’s even better when you experience it first hand. It changed my life and it could change yours too.

The next time I write it will be from Philly, where my beloved Vikings season ended a few months ago. Luckily for me, it’s just the beginning.

Until next time…

Geoff Bullock