I nominated Alex, and he won!

I nominated the winner of 2014’s CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec… and what a ride it was!  

Last spring when I came across the opportunity to nominate a young leader in my organization, I jumped at it.  Our organization is full of young, keen people making a difference at work every day and one person stood out immediately.  Did I think he would win??  I don’t know…. Did I think he could win?? Absolutely!

My work was easy.  Nominating someone was a breeze.  What our nominee put into the process was a true testament to why I nominated him in the first place.  He made us proud as he sought to be worthy of the nomination.  The exposure he brought to all young leaders in the Credit Union system and to our organization as he engaged the community and system in his endeavor was inspiring.  He brought our team together as we watched his progress, read his blogs, and basically do the things he does every day at work that make him the leader he is.  I saw changes in his confidence as he recognized the impact of his influence with others – changes that have made him an even better leader today.  I am so thrilled that the CUES team has recognized the role young leaders have in our organization and have given them an opportunity to learn and grow and compete for such recognition.

I encourage others to look inside your organization or within your Credit Union peer groups, pick your next top leader and join the movement today.  Who knows maybe YOU will nominate 2015’s CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec… or maybe I will.

Alison Hoskins,
Vice President, Finance
Integris Credit Union, Prince George, BC, Canada