I Know That You Want to Be Canadian

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As a credit union movement, we need to support the development of our young leaders.

The Canadian Credit Union system is doing that.

As per the Credit Union Central of Canada’s website:

In many ways, the future of Canada’s credit union movement rests with the best and brightest young employees. The National Credit Union Young Leaders Award helps identify these individuals, motivate them and publicize their accomplishments to inspire others.  In creating this award, Canadian Central’s Board of Directors helps national leaders demonstrate strong support for young leadership. By sharing their accomplishments, the credit union system inspires others to demonstrate similar dedication and effectiveness. These young high achievers tackle large complex problems that will help determine the future of financial services.  

Each year, up to five finalists of the National Credit Union Young Leaders Award are sponsored to attend the Canadian Conference for Credit Union Leaders. One finalist will be chosen as the 2012 National Credit Young Leaders Award scholarship recipient and will receive tuition plus travel costs to attend a leadership development program at a recognized university in Canada ($10,000.00 maximum).

The Servus Young Leaders Network has developed the Servus Young Leaders Network National Scholarship program to support this national initiative. As part of the program, a young leader that has been employed in the credit union system for 3 years is able to write a maximum 2,000 word essay on how their leadership has fostered growth, innovation, or community involvement.  

Our National Scholarship program will allow a maximum of 5 applicants to go into a “final round” and present their essay in a 15 minute verbal presentation to our Executive Leadership Team. The Executive Leadership Team will then select the winner and that person will represent Servus as they vie for one of the National Young Leader Award finalist spots. Regardless of whether they are selected as a finalist, our scholarship winner will be provided with a very unique and impactful opportunity to attend the national conference. Upon his or her return, the scholarship winner will share their learning on the Servus Young Leaders Network online site and will immediately become a member of the Servus Young Leaders Network Executive Committee. The winner will also be able to have a mentorship partnership with a member of the Executive Leadership Team for a period of one year.

As Canadian Credit Unions, we need to ensure that we are taking advantage of this type of young leader development opportunities.  There is absolutely no financial cost to your credit union to have a young leader apply for the National Young Leader Award.  If they are selected as one of the finalists, Credit Union Central of Canada pays the cost for them to attend.   

Run out of excuses? 


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