Getting to Know Myself... Better

Question Mark Graffiti

Photo: Bilal Kamoon

So, you have an exciting idea for a project and a wonderful opportunity to present it to an engaged and interested audience. How do you move from idea to presentation and do so knowing that you were heard and made a difference?

As you progress through this competition ask yourself these questions to get to know yourself better and how others see your talents. After you reflect on these questions, select two to three questions and ask your coworkers to answer them in the context of your seasoned and emerging leadership talent:

  • What do I do to build trust and create congruency between my words and actions?
  • Do I make offers to support others in their visions and goals?  How is my offer heard?
  • Why do others come to me for support, advice or as subject matter expert?
  • What do I do to involve others in decisions that have impact on what work they do and how they do it?
  • How often do I pause and listen, deeply? 
  • Where and who do I go to to ask for rigorous feedback and assessments?  For example, asking for feedback on what you can do to improve mastery is far different than asking “what did you like about... ?”
  • What practices support me in being in tough conversations?
  • How do I inspire others with a compelling vision?
  • How do I look for innovation and creativity with current resources?
  • How do I bounce back after setbacks and look for alterative paths to problem solving?
  • What is my dominant mood and how does it impact my presentation?

Enjoy the competition and the opportunity to make a difference!

Best regards,


Peter Myers is Vice President and Leadership Coach of DDJ Myers and will be providing mentorship and coaching to the members of the Top 15, the five Finalists and the winner.