Finalist Flashback: Noel Sanger

We know a lot has happened on the NTCUE website with nominations, applications, votes, and finally naming of the Finalists. It’s easy to forget what got our Finalists to this stage. Here’s a review of Noel Sanger’s original application blog and application video.

Noel Sanger is a 35-year-old Market Vice President at United Federal Credit Union ($1.7 B) in Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States.

Short Pitch
The three keys to the future of our CU movement!

Project Title
Inspiration, Advocacy and Mentorship

Are you excited about the Credit Union movement and want to see it continue to grow in the future? Inspirational leadership, advocacy and mentorship are the three main components to sustain the growth.

Inspirational leadership is not just motivating employees but coaching them to understand your role as well. We do not hire team players for one job, we should coach them to understand multiple roles. Coaching employees to know how their role contributes to the growth of the credit union is vital!

Advocacy for the movement is something we all need to do. It is about the telling our story to anyone that will listen.

Mentorship, especially to our young professionals, is the final component. They are our future leaders and decision makers. Why not train them, listen to them and trust them now?

These three components will ensure the success of the credit union movement!

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