Flashback: Chad Huseby

Next up in our Flashback series is Chad Huseby.


Chad Huseby, 2013 Finalist

At the time of the competition, Chad was a Branch Manager at Servus Credit Union ($12B) in Delburne, Alberta, Canada.

Where are you now?

I'm still with Servus. I am now branch manager at a larger branch in Red Deer, Alberta.

How did the competition help you in your career?

The CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec competition challenged me in many ways. It made me think differently about my role at the credit union and about my program. Through mentorship with DDJ Myers I was forced to think about how my program was providing a tangible benefit to the credit union. That kind of strategic thinking has transformed the way I think about everything in my current role. Presenting in front of 250 C-suite executives and a live online audience was also a huge step in my development. I have always enjoyed public speaking and presenting but I had never had a forum like that. The preparation I put in to feel comfortable in that environment was new to me and it really showcased how much work C-suite execs who do presentations similar to that, sometimes daily, need to put in! The networking at the conference was outstanding and the support I received from my credit union peers and people back home was truly humbling.

What’s your best memory of the competition?

Meeting and interacting with the other finalists is my best memory. It was so cool to meet four other credit union people who are so passionate and talented. I have managed to stay in contact with a few of them and the relationships forged and experiences shared were priceless.

Words of wisdom for those thinking of applying?

DO IT! The credit union industry is so awesome and unique to have an opportunity like this for young professionals to take advantage of. I guarantee that you will not regret applying for this outstanding opportunity. When you do apply don’t be afraid to self-promote; you are awesome and you should be proud to tell others about the great work you are doing and that you are being very proactive in your self-development.

The CUES Team