Finalist Flashback: Brianne Meszaros

We know a lot has happened on the NTCUE website with nominations, applications, votes, and finally naming of the Finalists. It’s easy to forget what got our Finalists to this stage. Here’s a review of Brianne Meszaros’ original application blog and application video. 

Brianne Meszaros is a 35-year-old Branch Manager at Royal Credit Union ($1.4 B) in Edina, Minnesota, United States.

Project Title 
Strategic Networks/Branch Advisory Boards

Short Pitch
Collaboration with a strategic network of members on what is important to our communities and the changing needs of our Members.

I am currently working on a project to develop a strategic network, similar to advisory boards, for our branch offices. This network will provide a dynamic connection between the membership, branch team and executive leadership.

We are looking for enthusiastic supporters of the Credit Union who will share ideas and feedback on what is important to our communities and the changing needs of our members. We want our members to feel that their voice can make a difference and will impact the future direction of the Credit Union. These members will work with the branch leader to brainstorm and provide input on involvement in the community, existing and future products and services, as well as feedback on their service experience through all delivery channels.

By collaborating with this strategic network of members, Royal Credit Union will only become stronger and more valued in our communities.

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