Flashback: Amy Eagan (Stanton)

Next up in our Flashback series is Amy Eagan.

Amy Eagan, 2010 Finalist

At the time of the competition, Amy was the Assistant Vice President of Marketing with Connex Credit Union ($350M) in North Haven, Connecticut.

Where are you now?

I am the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Georgia’s Own Credit Union in Atlanta, Georgia.

How did the competition help you in your career?

It was a great reminder that all projects and proposals need to be well-rounded and consider all audiences. Even if you’re presenting something marketing-focused, the financials are equally important. Presenting to a room of CEOs and CFOs helped shape the message at all levels.

What’s your best memory of the competition?

My boss had the task of letting me know I made the finals—and had to capture it on video. I got out of the car for a lunch meeting and she was filming me!

Words of wisdom for those thinking of applying?

Keep your project in the scope of something you can actually take on or that your credit union will help support with resources. Actual data and experiences make for the best presentations!

The CUES Team