Flashback: Amanda Brenneman-Brown

Next up in our Flashback series is Amanda Brenneman-Brown.


Amanda Brenneman-Brown, 2013 Winner

At the time of the competition, Amanda was a Business Development Officer at Maps Credit Union ($460M) in Salem, Oregon.

Where are you now?

I’m currently with the Northwest Credit Union Association located in Tigard, Oregon. I’m the Program Manager and offer support, and innovative, strategic assistance to all sides of the association including the foundation, strategic link and member resources.

How did the competition help you in your career?

Being nominated for, competing in and winning the competition forever changed my career. My professional network exploded with countless talented credit union folk (and credit-union-associated folk) who reached out and connected with me after I won the competition, saw my seven-minute presentation or heard about the Buy Local program I managed at Maps Credit Union. The grand prize of two years paid CEO Institute education package has expanded my networks, my professional knowledge and has further develop me as a leader. Overall, the competition itself showed me the power of relationships and demonstrated what a ‘can-do’ attitude can accomplish.

What’s your best memory of the competition?

The best memory was meeting all of the wonderful people inside and outside the competition at the CEO/Executive Team Network conference. Meeting and getting to know many of the very talented credit union professionals within the industry was an experience I won’t soon forget and their encouragement was top notch! I’ve stayed in contact with many of the people I met last November. I must say, the culture of the credit union industry is unlike any other and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Words of wisdom for those thinking of applying?

Just do it. Don’t even hesitate. You’ll learn more about yourself and your networks than you ever thought possible. Even if I didn’t win, the experience was unlike any other and it’s a great opportunity to learn about yourself and other ‘go-getters’ within the industry. Last piece of wisdom: Don’t ever pass up opportunities to grow.

The CUES Team