Dear Final Five

What a pleasure it has been to see the growth and development of each of your projects this year! I know the journey has been long and not without its trying moments, but now you find yourselves on top of the mountain.

From projects that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our credit unions, to projects that enhance our service and product offerings to groups of members who need it most, to making sure that everyone can understand those “pesky organizational numbers”, these project exemplify why this competition has become a hallmark of our industry, and why our industry needs young professionals to be at the table.

As you prepare for that final dance in Las Vegas, I will leave you with some advice that helped me remain focused in the final days of preparation. When you get there, leave it all on the stage. If you can walk off the stage knowing that you performed to your personal best, then you will have truly won a significant victory. You can celebrate the success of one, while knowing that the rest of you didn’t lose. Out of all the young credit union professionals across the country, and indeed – the world – you are the final five. You took a chance, you survived the rounds of cuts and the marathon of the competition, and you have made it to the final stage. Have no doubt that your credit union leadership and others around the country now know all that you have to offer.

From here, the sky is the limit. One of you will have a plaque to hang on your desk. All of you will have an achievement in your arsenal – one that should tell you just how far you can really go in this movement. I can’t wait to see where the journey takes you next.

Best Wishes,
Shannon Cahoon
Community Development Specialist
Fibre Federal Credit Union
2016 NTCUE Winner