CUES CEO Institute III Day 1: How Do You Know You Are Growing?

As we commenenced Day 1 at Darden, it brought forth many statements from our faciliator, Alec Horniman, that challenged us to think.

Some of my favorites:
- 90% of behaviour is habitual
- Every choice we make makes a difference
- Choices we make create opportunities to create value
- How can I be relevent?
- We live in language.
- We lead in language
- Every thing we are certain of we are probably mistaken.
- If you can't think it and believe it, you can't see it in a way that makes sense

Lots to reflect on and interpret on what it means to me over the week and likely during my journey home on Friday.

The comment that stuck with me the most from Alec was the title of this blog.

How Do You Know You Are Growing?

As we have our staff go to different types of training programs or conferences to learn and to develop, we typically ask them what they have learned and what they are going to do different in their role.  It’s our domain of learning which includes me (how this learning will benefit me), my role, and my credit union.

One quick and measurable determination of how I'm growing through the three CEO Institute programs is that of my waist line, as the food is always phenomenal and I enjoy it to its fullest. In terms of personal growth, it’s not that easy to measure.  I believe that it would have to consist of those people directly involved with you on a day-to-day basis like your family, your boss, your co-workers, your direct reports, and your friends to truly assess if you have, in fact, grown.

Today I received the results of a 360 degree assessment that included feedback from my manager, co-workers, direct reports, and other influences in my credit union world.  While I am pleased with my results, I also understand that 360s give me a direction on areas of improvement to ensure I continually focus areas of improvement. I look forward to sharing the results with my manager, my mentors, my mentees, and my direct reports to assist me in growing our relationship with honesty and trust to allow me become the best leader I can be.