Credit Union Jedi……They Were Already There

This past Monday and Tuesday, the Servus Young Leaders Network hosted the 1st Annual 35 Under 35 Leadership Retreat. Thirty five young leaders from across the province in various positions and departments came together to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate. Experience ranged from 6 months to 16 years.

It was roughly a four hour drive home back from the retreat and I thought that this would provide enough time for me to reflect on the past two days and put my thoughts into this blog.

But I couldn’t. The past few days have been such an overwhelming experience that I cannot piece my entire thoughts together a mere 6 hours after the leadership retreat has ended.

Over the past two years, the Servus Young Leaders Network has strived to provide the maximum value to the largest amount of young leaders as economically efficient as possible.

I believe we have done this, and then some.

Over the next few days, we will start to receive evaluations from our participants. While I can’t 100% confirm, I truly believe that the 1st Annual 35 Under 35 Leadership Retreat will be regarded as a game changer for our young leaders. In turn, they will become ambassadors for the retreat, and the Servus Young Leaders Network going forward.

Next week I will be providing a video on the retreat and hopefully by that time I will have a better understanding of my thoughts and feelings on what transpired at Camp Kuriakos.

I will say this, in my past few blogs I had talked about how the Servus Young Leaders Network was about creating Credit Union Jedi. My biggest take away from the past two days…… we didn’t need to create credit union Jedi, they were all ready there.