Creating Credit Union Jedi

I was recently asked how to describe my project as if I was explaining it to someone I had just met in an elevator.  

While the Servus Young Leaders Network has both a vision and mission statement, would that information give a clear understanding of what we are about? Perhaps, but is it memorable enough for it to be remembered for a lifetime? Heck, would you remember them by the time you finished reading this blog? 

What I want to stamp in your memory about the Servus Young Leaders Network is this:

We are creating credit union Jedi.

The similarities in the development of a Servus Young Leader and a Jedi are very uncanny.    

  • Jedi are usually identified as having a high probability of being able to manipulate the force. A Servus Young Leader is identified as having a high probability of being able to influence Servus Credit Union.
  • Jedi are guardians of peace, and use their mastery of the force to protect rather than to attack. Servus Young Leaders are guardians of the credit union way, and use their mastery to promote the credit union rather than attack banks.
  • Jedi must have a high respect for all life. Ditto for a Servus Young Leader.
  • Jedi are constantly learning through gaining more knowledge and continued training. Continued education will be key factor for any Servus Young Leader as they seek greater influence and responsibility within Servus Credit Union.

As part of their Jedi training, we believe the Servus Young Leaders Network will assist young leaders in:

Finding a purpose, personal growth, making a difference, creating a better work environment for employees, connecting with their credit union, becoming engaged through experiences, understanding Servus Credit Union’s place in the credit union movement, and people helping people.  

Understanding the credit union movement is dear to me as the Servus Young Leaders Network was born from my experience at the 2009 WOCCU Conference and WYCUP Session in Barcelona, Spain. Networking with fellow credit union young leaders from such countries as Australia, Canada, the United States, Ireland, and Trinidad and Tobago had a massive impact as it helped me realize I could do so much more for my credit union. Ross Lambrick, the 2009 WYCUP Winner from Australia, was highly influential in assisting me in creating the network based on his experience with Australia’s Abacus Emerging Young Leaders program. I guess I’ve been influential on them as well as I’ll be following in NTCUE alumnus Amy Stanton’s footsteps and speaking to the Emerging Leaders in Cairns, Australia this October. Amy was an invited speaker last year.

In all seriousness, young leader development has grown to an overwhelming passion for me.  I live and breathe this every day, even though I get paid to deliver superior member service to business banking members. It’s extremely exciting to be able to share our Servus Young Leaders Network with the credit union nation.  

In my next post, I’ll share with you how the Servus Young Leaders Network has turned into a mini organization with a structure, succession planning, a budget, and a dynamic executive team.

In the meantime, may the credit union be with you…always.