Clarification: What does 60 seconds mean?

My #ntcue video is 60 U.S. seconds, which runs about 1:20. I learned that from @2yo 60 Canadian seconds is closer to 1 minute per @devo9911less than a minute ago via web


We've had a few questions come in about video length. This is what we say in the rules:

  • All videos be no more than one minute in length

We've had seven entries so far that are more than 60 seconds. Everything from 61 to 80 seconds. We think this is quite ironic for people in the financial services industry to have trouble with numbers! :)

In the spirit of the contest, we do not feel that this warrants disqualification. Instead, we are somewhat relaxed around video length. If you need a few more seconds to get your point across, go for it. We honestly feel, that 60 seconds is ample and anything longer better be captivating in this busy age of technology. Anything longer than 80 seconds would be considered overly pushing our relaxed approach.

If you have already submitted your entry and feel that your entry would be considerably better with a few more seconds added, go ahead and reupload. Please e-mail us the new YouTube URL. Just remember, getting your message across succinctly is an appreciated and essential business skill!


The CUES Team