Canada #4: Jennifer Conci

Jennifer Conci is a 27-year-old Financial Advisor with Servus Credit Union ($10B) in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Synopsis: Have you had THE TALK yet?

I feel passionate about credit education and as such have developed a presentation on "understanding credit", that has been viewed by my co-workers and students at a college in British Columbia. The delivery and purpose was intended to prompt conversation and dialogue from those in attendance. I began with the basics, What is a credit score? How do you obtain a good credit rating and then maintain one? As the discussion carried on we covered questions about: prime rate? annual percentage rates on credit cards, what is a fixed and variable rate? As expected, we covered far more then just the basics. It is more important  than ever young adults are informed and confident when it comes to making decisions about their personal finances. As the economic reality of the past twenty-four months still resonates with most Canadian and US Residents I believe there is no time to waste in providing and promoting credit education to young adults.  Today, high school and college students are offered pre-approved credit cards, have grown up with the "buy now pay later phenomenon", face ever-rising education costs, are subject to mass marketing and have little to no credit education.

Credit education is on going and forever changing with our life stages and the economy. Therefore, "the talk" needs to take place at a young age. It is also important to remember that it is never too late to educate yourself and take control of your financial destiny. Utilize your resources, online websites, your financial institutions, parents and friends. 

Join me as we travel Northern Alberta where we'll ask the questions and provide the answers and show how relevant the need for credit education is. 

Are you ready for THE TALK??