Canada #3: Jodi Chambers

Jodi Chambers is a 35-year-old Director, Business Excellence with Assiniboine Credit Union ($3.8B) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Synopsis: My project is the implementation of a Process Excellence program at Assiniboine Credit Union.  Instead of working from hearsay and what we think is happening, we are using data to define our issues, identify the best improvement and then implement.  After making the change, we track the results.  The results should show that the improvement had a positive impact on our members, our employees and the credit union overall.  In order to have a successful program, we need to ensure we work on issues that impact the value we provide to our members and staff - their voices in this program are critical.  We have not yet finished an entire project and are anxious to confirm our results!  Follow me for 5 months and you can see how this program evolves.

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