Canada #2: Alexandra Rachey

Alexandra Rachey is a 25-year-old Marketing Coordinator with Sunova Credit Union ($609M) in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada.

Synopsis: In early 2011, Sunova Credit Union will be expanding into Winnipeg, opening two branches featuring a brand new banking concept focused on delivering exceptional member service in a very unconventional manner. Pod-style banking anyone? How about drive-thru service? Or maybe Associates capable of both cash transactions and credit services? Sunova’s new branch model will truly be one-of-a-kind.

As a member of our marketing department, I am helping develop the marketing campaign and strategy for our new branch concept and expansion. What makes our department unique from many other marketing departments is that we do everything in-house. Yup, you read that right... from concept development, to design, to production, we do it all. No ad agency here.

For our expansion project, we are focused on a creating a memorable marketing campaign that includes teaser ads, guerrilla marketing, internal and external communications, promotions and an in-branch celebration.

Music in the Video: "Don't Fight The Darkness (Instrumental)" by YACHT

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