Buying Local, Great for the Environment!

Some of you may not know I’m from the green state of Oregon. I’m proud to be a native Oregonian and love what this state has to offer. We have a beautiful coast line, mountain range, high desert and a valley floor where practically anything grows. We boast of cities like Portland, Bend and our capitol city of Salem. And we even rank high on quirky top ten lists like these:

You may be asking yourself, Amanda what are you getting at? 

Let me help set the tone of the rest of this blog post, with the help of Jack Johnson singing his smash hit, ‘The 3 R’s’.

So how do Jack Johnson’s ‘The 3 R’s’ song and buying local fit together? Turns out buying local is great for the environment! Don’t’ believe me? Check out this handy dandy infographic and discover the additional environmental benefits of buying local.

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CustomMade Buying Local Infographic

Why Buying Local is Worth Every Cent Infographic by CustomMade

So, jump on the buy local bandwagon and feel good about your dollars helping the economy AND the environment. Here in Oregon, we love buying local and we love taking care of our environment. Yet another win in the win-win-win program known as Buy Local.