Bird’s Eye View: The Webinar Project Plan

Imagine an eagle soaring in the sky. From the heights of the clouds they see the world from a different angle. In a glance, they see whole forests and cities, rather than seeing individual trees and buildings. The eagle has a breath taking, aerial perspective and with our technological advances, we too can gain a more aerial or global perspective.

With this post, I want to take us into the sky providing us that aerial perspective of The Webinar Project, with an overview of the different phases and tasks it will take to fulfill our project goal.

The Plan:

The project is composed of five phases: Research, Application, Creation, Launch and Post-Launch.

Within each phase are descriptions, details and timeframes that keep us accountable toward project completion.

We are currently in the heart of the Research Phase and will move into the Application Phase in three weeks.

That’s it for The Webinar Project Plan. My hope is that you gained a greater perspective of where we are and where we are going in order to complete this project.

Thank you for following the blogs.

Have an amazing week.