Be the book

Give thanks

First lets start things off right! Thank you for your very positive feedback and support for my entry into this contest. I was really inspired by many of the contestants and their wonderful ideas. The credit union industry and each of the individual credit unions, which had employees enter, should feel honored to have such great people working for their organization. We have many great people under 35 who excel at their jobs, but what makes this group so special is that it takes great risk to be someone who steps out, steps up, and takes a chance on changing something to make it better. In fact, as we look back at history it is clearly demonstrated it’s the people that step up and attempt to make a difference that are often the ones who change the face of industries, communities, and nations. CEO's and senior executives be sure to understand the attempt that was made and praise it openly, honestly, and with humility. Our attempts should not be forgotten or swept under the rug, and our leadership will change the face of what was before!

The problem

In my first video I talked about putting employees first, because I know one thing is undoubtedly certain, the people around us will be why or why not the credit union industry will be successful in the future. We will without doubt battle legislative regulation, develop more clever marketing campaigns, and create products and services that help our members due more! What we fail to focus on, are the PEOPLE who will make our strategic plans happen!

I'm sure this will sound familiar to each of you if you've ever read any leadership book; notice the book never says you need to be more active in marketing, more aggressive on capital hill, or pay higher dividends than your competitor to be successful. These are simply items in the day-to-day routine of organizations, and while they may result in short term victories, they will not drastically set you apart from those who come before you. Leadership says we must put our PEOPLE first and model behaviors we choose to see in our organizations. If that is the most important thing then why as organizations do we look to serve our external members before we serve our internal members of our teams? We often fail to cover base one with our employees, by caring about their own well-being, thoughts, and previous experiences that could help push organizations to the next level.

The action

There is only one way for us to be more successful and empower our employees to serve more wholeheartedly than they do now. That is to care for your team first. One of my favorite quotes is by Craig Groeschel, he states, "caring without action is not caring at all". My trial over the next six-month is to lead change that puts people before plans and products. We will put action with our talk. Strategic plans and operational planning in my team will focus on our employees first. Watch as we create a domino effect of positive change that makes internal service a catalyst for external relationships and positive changes in the workplace. Most importantly we will create a more vibrant, and engaged workforce that moves the credit union industry forward.

Regional Finalist – Southwest