Are You Ready For Next Top Credit Union Exec 2018?!

As the 2018 NTCUE competition kicks off in the next few weeks I’d be remiss not to ask…

Everyone over 35

  • Is there a young leader you work with who has a creative idea that could become an award-winning project? 
  • Is there a young leader you work with who could benefit from world class coaching from DDJ Myers, and idea creation from the creative geniuses at Currency Marketing
  • Is there a bright, young leader you work with who would benefit from the encouragement and affirmation of being nominated? 

If you answered yes to any of these statements then please do them, us, and the whole credit union industry a favor by nominating them!

Everyone under 35: Having an industry changing idea is not enough! You need to start strategizing on how you will communicate this idea clearly and how you will inspire others to action through it. If you can, start recruiting someone to shoot your video, someone to help edit it, a graphic designer to help with visuals and start sharing your dream with people around you who could vote you into the Top 10, and at the final vote for the big win. Or…you can always just point and shoot yourself. There are not requirements to go big!

Play to your strengths. If you’re great at media creation, then focus on making a visually beautiful video. If you’re great at speaking, then write an awesome speech to share in your video. If you're great at networking, then focus on building a network of voters. There’s no one way to win this competition, so do it your way.

Until next time…
Geoff Bullock