Applicant 9: Kirk Smith

Kirk Smith is a 32-year-old In Store Branch Manager with TwinStar Credit Union ($800M) in Olympia, Washington, USA.

Synopsis: Our branch was created in 2008, since then we have been trying to grow. Like other credit unions we would like a larger market share, and increased branch profitability. My project is to implement an aggressive community development program in our area, to create relevancy to the community. The area that I am in is saturated with credit unions and credit union members. Our mission is to find a a way to leverage our location, staff, and products and services to increase branch growth. By the way, my branch is located inside of a WalMart, I boastfully tell the other branches at TwinStar that I have the largest lobby of any branch. Because my staff and I can walk through the entire store talking to future members. Please vote for Captain Kirk, and join this mission.

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