Applicant 9: Amanda Brenneman

Amanda Brenneman is a 28-year-old Business Development Officer at Maps Credit Union  ($460M) in Salem, Oregon.

Synopsis: Maps’ award winning Buy Local program is the essence of great business development and a champion of ‘win-win-win’ relationships. Merchants who partner with us ‘win’ by getting free marketing and free money, community members ‘win’ with special discounts and free items, and we ‘win’ by advancing our brand as the leading financial institution diligently working to better our local economy. 

In addition to the many outlets where we heavily market our partners, the soon to be released Buy Local app ensures as many audiences as possible can participate in the sustainability of our local economy. But, an app for our geographical area is not the only project on the horizon. Once our Buy Local app is released, we have plans of going national with a scalable app in order to promote the sustainability of economies across the country. And with the national app, all of you travelers can find and shop at CU friendly businesses. Buy Local truly embodies the credit union's philosophy of people helping people and I feel honored to be managing this program all the while looking forward to the future.

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