Applicant 8: Robin Wiessner

Robin Wiessner is a 31-year-old Vice President of Human Resources with Eagle Community Credit Union ($202M) in Lake Forest, California, USA.

Synopsis: At Eagle we are focused on finding and developing strong leaders and high caliber employees. In doing so we have to sift through hundreds of resumes in hopes of finding the right “fit”. We start by using several skill and personality assessments that help guide us during the interview process. We also created Realistic Job Previews (RJP). Once hired all employees participate in, and are trained on, behavioral assessments. By doing so, managers are able to gain a better understanding of their employees and employees gain a better understanding of themselves and their fellow co-workers. By putting these practices in place, the credit union has started to see great results. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, in 2011 Eagle was recognized by its own employees as a Top Workplace in Orange County.

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