Applicant 8: Bryce Roth

Bryce Roth is a 30-year-old Marketing & Social Strategist at CitizensFirst Credit Union  ($382M) in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Synopsis: My project is our Next Gen program at CitizensFirst Credit Union (CFCU). Next Gen is a financial literacy program that is coupled with community outreach. Since beginning the Next Gen program at CFCU, we have been opening an average of 80 net-new accounts each month for members who are 34 years old or younger. We have created a group of young people who better understand how their credit union functions, why it functions the way that it does and have become as passionate about helping the local community as we are here at CitizensFirst Credit Union. We are preparing these young people for life after high school and college, by addressing financial topics that are not being taught in schools or at home.

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