Applicant 6: Cameron Ferrell

Cameron Ferrell is a 28-year-old IT/Marketing/Member Relationship Manager at Acclaim Federal Credit Union ($34M) in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Synopsis: The Gen Y Movement in Credit Unions

The current average age of credit union members is 47. In order to see credit unions grow, we all need a piece of the Gen Y'ers. Credit Unions have so much to offer and we need to understand why the younger generation is not utilizing us. Credit unions can offer the same products at better and more affordable rates and many credit unions can compete with the mega banks with their technology. 

Some questions that we should be asking are; What can we do better? How do we get our name out there? What are Gen Y'ers truly looking for? Are we leading in technology or are we falling behind? Do we have a presence on social media?

These questions are just the beginning! The Gen Y'ers are the future of the credit union industry and I am looking forward to growing the Gen Y membership at Acclaim FCU.

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