Applicant 5: Melina Young

Melina Young is a 27-year-old Director of Marketing with Verity Credit Union ($380M) in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Synopsis: I am on the team that is going to be using touch screen computers in our branches to provide an enhanced member experience. In addition to removing all printed brochures from the branch and new member packets (saving on printing costs) the touch screens will help guide the member in a fun way to see items that could benefit them. It will say something like "What are you looking for?" and list options (i.e. checking accounts, credit cards, mortgage) and when someone selects "Credit Cards" it will say, "What do you look for in a credit card?" and provide options (i.e. second entree free at restaurants, points for travel, no annual fee) and the person can select which benefits match their needs. They can then apply, talk to one of our staff about the specific product, or email it to themselves (or a spouse) to review for later. We anticipate this will assist with cross-selling loans and the overall in branch experien ce for our members.

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