Applicant 4: Emma Avery

Emma Avery is a 25-year-old Internal Communications Specialist at Greater Bank ($5B) in Hamilton, New South Wales, Australia.

Synopsis: Our team has recently launched a Communications Awareness Program. We want to see ourselves at the forefront of information sharing, staff engagement and change management to drive the way we do business. We have planned an incremental approach to increasing staff awareness of the importance of effective communication and develop individual strategies to enable areas of the business to increase ROI by simply improving the way we communicate.

Communication touches everything we do as a business and it is the key to delivering our Greatest customer experiences. Our communications awareness program has allowed us to proactively identify opportunities to demonstrate to staff how each individual delivers on our strategic objectives on a daily basis. We are also in the process of developing an executive communications model to increase the visibility of our CEO and Executive team across the organisation and continue to coordinate and implement communication strategies that support internal and external initiatives and drive results.

We understand that a part our continued growth and success is in building an engaging and fun internal network in which our staff learn, communicate and freely exchange ideas that enhance the way that we move forward. We are constantly in the process of developing our main communication channels to ensure that messages are received faster, clearer and encourage feedback.

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