Applicant 32: Matt Hodson

Matt Hodson is a 29-year-old Marketing Manager with Health Care Credit Union ($70M) in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Synopsis: It is no illusion, new hire training can be time consuming. My idea is to increase the speed with which new hires get comfortable with the sales process, as well as the products and services of the credit union through a series of online "courses" done with little to no budget. 

As I am in a smaller credit union and am the only one in the marketing department, I have to watch my budget and my time to insure that I am spending both wisely. I also need to balance that by looking like we are more technologically advanced than the budget allows. I have come up with many ways to act like the big guys with their massive budgets by using free tools online.

This plan will increase employee efficiency and new hire on-boarding from a marketing/sales approach.

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