Applicant 3: Chad Huseby

Chad Huseby is a 28-year-old Branch Manager at Servus Credit Union ($12B) in Delburne, Alberta, Canada.

In August of 2011, two months after accepting the position of Branch Manager of the Delburne Branch of Servus Credit Union I worked together with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to develop and implement a "positive ticketing program" in three rural branches. The program encourages RCMP officers to write "positive tickets" to youth in the three communities when they catch them doing positive things in the community. We have seen tickets written for children wearing their bike helmets, crossing the streets at crosswalks, wearing their seatbelts properly and even received one when an officer spotted a youth hauling a senior citizen's groceries into her home.

The police officers love the program because it allows them to reward good behavior that the youth of the community are doing rather then always writing tickets for negative behavior. The program has been awesome for the credit union because once the young people receive their tickets they bring them into the branch to receive a Servus Credit Union branded prize. In most cases they bring their parents with them and thus it drives traffic into rural branches that sometimes lack traffic flow. In addition it shows our members that we are very committed to recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors that the youth of the community show on a daily basis. In the end that will make the communities a better place for all of our members to live.

As mentioned the program is active in three branches and their is plenty of room to expand given Servus Credit Union's branch network of 106 branches. Total cost of the program to this point is very inexpensive at $900.


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