Applicant 29: Lindsey Myhre

Lindsey Myhre is a 35-year-old Director of Accounting and Finance at STCU ($1.8B) in Liberty Lake, Washington.

Synopsis: Information is Power!

Information is power, and Business Intelligence is near and dear to my heart.

At STCU, we are always looking for ways to help our members and help our employees make more informed decisions. As the Director of Accounting and Finance for STCU, I believe numbers play a large part in that. How can we make progress on such a big idea? What is big data and Business Intelligence? What is Member Intelligence? What are Business Rules? Where can we find data? How do we evaluate our existing data needs?

To discover the answers to these questions, I have created the Business Intelligence Steering Committee, something I affectionately call BISC. This committee is comprised of a team of credit union experts varying in areas of expertise including Finance, Technology, Operations, Lending, and Marketing. This team tackles the big questions, makes the decisions, and will make it happen.

Information comes in many shapes and sizes. It comes in many packages. It can be found in a phone system, core processing system, third party systems, and market and peer data just to name a few. Imagine a world where we can jump to the answer before the member has to ask.

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