Applicant 28: Don Emmer

Don Emmer is a 23-year-old Financial Architect with Best Advantage Credit Union ($XXM) in Brillion, Wisconsin, USA.

Synopsis: Since 2007 my passion for Credit Unions has been extremely high. Since starting out of High School I have changed my career path to that of a Credit Union employee. My high energetic personality has stuck with Best Advantage Credit Union and rubs off on people every day. With me in mind they created a sales culture in the consumer lending department, and our numbers have been looking good ever since. Being a part of such a fun CU allows me to open my mind and get creative when it comes to not only lending but, also in marketing efforts and social media. My ideas and help from team members have allowed Best Advantage to become known on Facebook, and have our community talk about the things we are doing. Best Advantage isn’t your typical Credit Union and it’s tough to get people to see what we’re all about if they don’t come into the lobby. Our Facebook and social media efforts have exploded over the past year, and I have a blast at work every day! Not everyone can say the same!

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