Applicant 27: Shyra Thomas

Shyra Thomas is a 28-year-old Manager of Business Development at FirstDay Federal Credit Union ($86M) in Dayton, Ohio.

Synopsis: Student Run Credit Union branches and financial literacy initiatives and programs are what I am proposing that will help advance the credit union industry. 

In today's society it is unfortunately the norm to have a low degree of financial literacy. Student Run Credit Union branches build bonds and open up communication between students, parents, faculty, staff members and our communities with their local credit union. These "mini" branches provide another level of member service, convenience, and the assurance that we will educate them on how to make wiser financial choices.

Our youth are the next generation of consumers and need to be educated on the key principles such as: personal finance, how to build strong, healthy financial habits, and make responsible choices. Financial education and guidance promotes life long vested members.

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