Applicant 27: Erika Huber

Erika Huber is a 35-year-old Branch Manager with Arsenal Credit Union ($179M) in Arnold, Missouri, USA.

Synopsis: Most of the time when an employee is asked to mentor and train a new hire it is because they have the qualities we would like to duplicate in a new hire. This employee may be great with members, completing the transaction, and even paperwork, although have they ever REALLY trained a person before? Do they know what the expectations are of the Credit Union?

The program I would like to implement is an On-the-Job Mentor program. This program will include classroom training for mentors to attend. In training the mentor will learn skills and tools needed to train adults. They will learn the expectations of the position, their responsibilities, adult learning concepts, training techniques, and provide resources for the mentor to use. This will allow the mentor to feel confident about what they are doing.

In turn, new hires will receive consistent and quality training. They will be better prepared for their job and they will have a positive first impression of the Credit Union and their team.

The Credit Union will benefit by having employee retention, great employee morale, and promotions from with-in the organization. These benefits should assist with deceasing turnover and the cost of hiring.

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