Applicant 25: Kari Rager

Kari Rager is a 34-year-old Vice President of Sales and Lending at Family Focus Federal Credit Union ($28M) in Omaha, Nebraska.

Synopsis: The mission of Family Focus FCU is to work together with our members to achieve financial freedom. We do this every day in the ways in which we work with our members. My project encompasses two facets of our mission statement and will allow us to take the success that our members have already experienced to the next level.

First, I will be working to implement the use of iPads in our daily operations and interactions with members. This will allow us to literally work side by side with our members to explore the options available to them to improve their financial situation and/or to manage their finances.

Secondly, I will be actively involved in the launching of Dave Ramsey's Core Financial Wellness classes to our membership. I am confident that we will see many more members reach their financial goals through this program. Although financial freedom seems unattainable to many, we truly believe that it is possible. I am excited to see this dream become a reality for our members through this project!

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