Applicant 25: Bryon Goguen

Bryon Goguen is a 29-year-old Financial Analyst with Leominster Credit Union ($619) in Leominster, Massachusetts, USA.

Synopsis: With the cost of secondary education reaching all time highs, and unemployment rates of young citizens above the national average, it is necessary to teach our young professionals how to get ahead and pursue a path of success. That's why I joined the Financial Education Committee at Leominster Credit Union.

With their help and the support of my credit union, I will be making a difference in the local college community. The name of this great event is "Finding Easy Street" and it is my opportunity to bring awareness to the next generation of leaders. By delivering crucial tools and techniques in a fun and engaging way, the attendees of this conference will leave with a roadmap to success and begin to build the foundation of a life on "Easy Street."

I hope you will vote for me, Bryon Goguen as the Next Top Credit Union Executive, so that you can follow our event's success. 

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