Applicant 17: Brittany Serrano

Brittany Serrano is a 29-year-old Sr. Executive Liaison at Acclaim Federal Credit Union ($34M) in Greensboro North Carolina. 

Synopsis: The success of a credit union begins with the credit union staff. Often, small credit unions like mine do not have the staff support or resources to develop or implement a formal staff training program or trainer position. In an industry where regulations, systems, and day-to-day operational needs can change frequently, it is crucial to have staff members who are regularly, consistently, and effectively trained both to assist members and to support the individual credit union and the industry in any way needed.

My plan is to work closely with both my management team and my staff members to develop a formal training program for our different positions and departments. While the program would be tailored to the needs of my credit union, I would like to also develop the program in a way that could be beneficial to any other credit union by incorporating the most current theories of education, behavior, memory, and learning in order to optimize staff understanding and retention of training topics.

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