Applicant 16: Bruce Ulrich

Bruce Ulrich is a 31-year-old Marketing Director with Statewide Federal Credit Union ($90M) in Flowood, Mississippi, USA.

Synopsis: At Statewide, we are always looking to utilize technology to streamline our processes and become increasingly more efficient. One of the ways we can achieve this is through the adoption of iPad usage for joining new members. When one of our representatives visits a group onsite, they need simplicity and speed in everything they do. By implementing an online account opening system using iPads, we could join new members in a matter of seconds, not 15 minutes. We could capture their identification securely and accept instant payment on the spot. That's it. That's all there would be to it. That is not the case now. Right now, it takes roughly 10-15 minutes to open an account for a new member, and this is simply too long. 

Other ideas I have for the iPads include checking in members when they arrive at a branch and efficiently routing them to the proper department. Also, simplifying offices and eliminating unwanted paper and clutter. 

I hope for this idea to materialize in the coming months, and become a speedy and reliable ally for our credit union to add members to its already great cooperative.

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