Applicant 13: Ashley Kohlrus

Ashley Kohlrus is a 33-year-old Chief Experience Officer with Allegacy Federal Credit Union ($965M) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

Synopsis: We are redefining member service and the member experience at Allegacy Federal Credit Union. In my new role as Chief Experience Officer (CXO), I am working to ensure that the experience for employees and members remains a top priority. 

This year, I am leading a project of ‘Mapping the Member Experience’ through the organization’s delivery channels and identifying what impressions we create along the way (and where impressions may be enhanced). In order to do so, we are evaluating our products/services/programs, talking with our members, empowering our employees, and really listening to determine where can continue to improve—inside and out. 

This journey of mapping and defining the member experience is an exciting time for Allegacy. We would welcome the opportunity to share this with others and have you join us as we exceed expectations and create positive memories all while helping members make smart financial choices. 

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