Applicant 12: Daryl Brubaker

Daryl Brubaker is a 32-year-old Efficiency Officer at Park View Federal Credit Union ($125M) in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Synopsis: Many credit unions believe that their niche in the financial sector is good service and avoiding a “sales-type” atmosphere. The problem with this is that members miss out on products and services that would help make their financial lives better. At Park View Federal Credit Union, we are striving to find a healthy balance between service and sales by offering our members everything they need without forcing on them any that they don’t need.

I have streamlined documentation and introduced new technologies to create more efficient processes. At the same time, my team and I are providing staff with ongoing sales training. This combination of efficiency and sales can create the ultimate level of service—where there is a strong relationship with the member and where we can truly help members leverage the best that the credit union has to offer.

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