Another Project Update

Last Thursday, our Gen Y Task Force presented our ideas to our Senior Management team. We gave them a detailed view of our new checking product, and loan program. We also reviewed our Marketing Strategy for the rollout. We received a lot of positive feedback from them, and our ideas will be implemented! 

Now, I’ll move to the challenging part of it all, the implementation. We had hoped to have both the checking account and loan program in place by the first week of November. Our reason for that is because we have a HUGE opportunity to speak to all incoming freshmen (2500 in total) at one of the universities we serve. We will be doing an interactive workshop on budgeting and credit. We have done a lot of financial education with students in the past, but this is by far our largest audience to date. 

Due to the nature of our checking account, we have to wait a little longer than anticipated, so we won’t be able to roll that account out until early next year. We have, however gotten the go ahead to implement the loan program by the first week in November. We are very excited about that! We are now taking steps towards implementation, which will include working with product owners, and all other stakeholders to ensure all the necessary steps are covered. We will update you on the specifics of the product and program during the presentation in November. Stay tuned for more. In the next blog we will resume our topic of “If Gen Y’ers Ruled the Credit Union World”.

Regional Finalist – Southeast