Ascentra Credit Union and Diversity Service Center of Iowa Launch The New Iowans Initiative

My video update is a snapshot of the first couple weeks after the launch of The New Iowans Initiative.  We are already making a difference in the lives of Iowans who are looking for a better life.  We are doing meaningful work and I am happy to share the impact with my credit union peers.  

Our partner, Diversity Service Center of Iowa (DSCI), has hired a part-time coordinator to assist with the program.  We are now ready to take the next steps in our outreach plan and in the coming weeks will be reaching out to area churches, social services providers and community leaders to get the word out to as many people as possible.   We will also be coordinating our first financial literacy workshop with those who have are going through the New Iowans Initiative.  

In true Ascentra fashion, we are thinking outside the box and growing our membership in unique ways while keeping true to our value proposition of listening, caring and doing what’s right.  

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Alvaro Macias