All that can happen in a year

Tomorrow my boyfriend and I celebrate our one-year anniversary together. It’s a small slice of time in the grander sense of life, but it’s certainly got me thinking about all the things that can happen in such a “short” amount of time.

The concept of a Vice President of Unbanking started about this time last year when I was prepping the 2010 Marketing plan. Working with our advertising agency, we knew one of our key goals was focusing on attracting the next generation of credit union members.

What better way to start than to find someone who could be a representative of this group and carry the credit union message to her peers. Through much thought and planning, the VP idea was created.

In the last week or so after we selected the VP, she’s already evolved a focus for how she’s going to “get the word out” about Connex. She’s decided to go through the process of becoming, being and living the life of a Connex member. She’s set to graduate in the Spring and has legitimate concerns about tackling her personal finances once she’s out in the real world.

Admittedly she’s not prepared and she knows her fellow college seniors are in the same boat. Living the process herself and “getting prepared” for her financial life after college, she’ll share her progress via blog posts, video entries, campus events and anything else she can get her hands on. She’s going to tell the credit union story from personal experience – I can’t think of a better way to attract the attention of this group.

Erin, our newly selected VP of Unbanking has joined Connex to lead our efforts. My upcoming video post will be an interview with Erin to get to know her better before we start to get to know her peers and their perceptions of credit unions.

This project has come to fruition over the last year in much the same way our Next Top Credit Union Exec projects will mature until November (and hopefully beyond!) Great things can happen in short spaces of time. We’ll see that with our Vice President of Unbanking and also in November as the NTCUE finalists present at the CUES CEO and Executive Team Network. Hope to see you there to share in these great things that happen in what seems like the blink of an eye!

Regional Finalist – Northeast