Good News Travels Fast

In my last update, I mentioned that I was working with a few non-profit organizations to formalize some of their strategic plans and board practices. Well, I am thrilled to share that I now have completed strategic plans for a total of 3 non-profits and conducted training for 4 others. I wish I could share that I had completed more but I am still working through the processes of training others.

I have had about 7 credit unions reach out and inquire on my progress, but many are still struggling with the lack of direct ROI in the program. Another professional development organization also inquired so there is growing interest. Can I tell you that the non-profits are thrilled? Today, I attended a ribbon cutting for a local restaurant that is completely run by teenagers as a way to support a non-profit organization. (Sidebar: Shout out to That’s my Dog Jr.!)

Back to the point: While I was there, 4, (four!) business owners and non-profit directors inquired on potential training partnerships. They each had referrals from other NPOs I worked with and they are hungry for support from the business community. They need our support and outreach to be successful. We need their missions to succeed as we work and live in these communities that they are working to enrich! I continue to build out the program and we are gaining momentum. I can’t wait to see the impact we will create in our community. If you’d like to chat about partnering in your community, let’s chat.


Lynette Cupps