Alex’s advice to the Final 5

To the NTCUE Final 5,

The best words of wisdom I can pass on to you are: be yourself. Yes, I know that is absolutely cliché. But seriously. Being “you” is what got you to this point. Continuing to be yourself – and by that I mean your true, authentic self – is what will carry you on to success in this competition and beyond. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t adapt and improve; it is to say, don’t lose the unique and proprietary quality you have that has brought you this far.

One thing I can say about the final five from last year is: we were all unique in our own way. We all brought to the table who we were in our careers and lives. And I can confidently say all of the finalists were authentic on that stage – not a single person felt like they were “putting on a show”. And for that reason, any one of us could have won the competition and we’d all have been supportive and happy for that person. You can’t say that about many other competitions, can you?!  

Congratulations and I’m looking forward to seeing your presentations!

Best wishes,
Alex Castley